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Concept 13 Advertising
Concept 13 Advertising is a Creative Media Studio since 2006, where creative thoughts flow in a tune with the client’s requirements. Whilst keeping in mind the current market demands and trends. With 11 years of Expertise in our field, we look at every project from a vantage point, to begin with. There on an individual focus area are demarcated to produce precise and ingenious promotional material for Online Advertising as well as Offline Advertising.

Our strength lies in our in-house Printing running as the name of Max Printshop & Creative Studio as Concept13 Advertising. With the back bone of a dedicated team of professional and experience personnel, specializing in Digital Marketing, Creative Visualization, Content creation, Print Production, Photography, Outdoor Media, Exhibitions, Events, Transport Media, Software Solutions, Interactive Gaming & Mobile Apps , Radio and TV spots production.

Concept 13 Advertising prides us on our versatility and ability to adapt our style to any client’s needs.
Concept and strategy is always the force going into a project. Lead designer in producing a document on different ways to provide cost effective bound proposals for projects. Measuring brand success – we conduct internal ‘brand reviews’ annually on our Top 5 brands.

To spot trends that could induce change. Re-align then Re-define just to create change. To guarantee this achievement, each conceivable touch point concentrates on involving audience interaction. It can be from digital touch to a website or from developing a Mobile App or live events and business Expos. We help build up Brand Connection.

Concept 13 Advertising
assures you of creative and cost effective productions, within promised time frames and matching international standards. Combine passion, aspiration, innovation & our pristine efforts for challenging assignments had always turned out prolific. The proof lies in the pudding it shows in our long-standing relationship with clients.